Diamond Core Drilling & Wall Sawing in Dubai, UAE

Diamond drilling is a kind of core drilling that involves using a rotary drill with a diamond drill bit to drill accurate holes. 

Diamond is the world’s hardest naturally occurring substance, making it suitable for cutting holes in a variety of materials such as concrete, metal, and glass. By overlapping (or sewing) core holes together to create a larger hole, stitch drilling overcomes the limitations imposed by the maximum size of diamond drill bits. 

You may make holes of any size and form through any thickness of wall or floor this way. Stitch drilling often creates large holes, thus diamond drills are capable of cutting through ferro concrete.

For concrete removal, GTS employs cutting-edge methods such as diamond and drilling cutting, saw cutting as well as remote-controlled demolition equipment. GTS has the tools to handle concrete saw cutting and removal jobs in a variety of settings, including building interiors, shopping malls, stadiums, tunnels, bridges, highways, roads, railroads, and airport runways.

Unlike traditional removal methods, these procedures are quick, accurate, and non-disruptive, and may be utilised in tight places and living areas while maintaining structural integrity.

GTS offers top-of-the-line equipment such as road saws, wall saws, core drills, and wire saws.

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